About IEI :

• The Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI] is a statutory body to promote and advance the engineering and technology, established in 1920 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. It is the largest multi-disciplinary professional body of engineers encompassing 15 (fifteen) engineering disciplines with a membership of more than 820 thousand, and serving the nation for more than 9 decades. The IEI has its headquarters located in Kolkata with national presence through more than hundred Centres and several Overseas Chapters, Foras and Organ.

• The Institution was granted Royal Charter On September 9, 1935 by his Majesty the King and Emperor George V, which was a momentous event in the annals of Engineering Industry and education in India. The Royal Charter endowed the Institution with the responsibility to promote the general advancement of engineering amongst members and persons attached to the Institution. IEI has been recognized as Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India and besides conducting its own research, provides Grant-in-Aid to UG/PG/ PhD students of Engineering Institutes & Universities.

• The Institution of Engineers (India) is a first professional body to represent India in several International Bodies, such as the World Mining Congress (WMC), the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), the Commonwealth Engineers’ Council (CEC), the Federation International du Beton (fib), and the Federation of Engineering Institutions of South and Central Asia (FEISCA). It also has bilateral agreements with a number of professional societies across the globe.

• IEI holds the International Professional Engineers (IntPE) Register for India under the global International Professional Engineers Alliance (IntPEA). The Institution also wards the Professional Engineers (PE) Certification.

• The Institution of Engineers (India) is a pioneer body to introduce, starting from 1928, continuing engineering education programme, successful completion of which is recognized as equivalent to a degree in engineering by the Government of India, the Union Public Service Commission, the State Governments and many Public / Private Sector organizations in the country. The Institution of Engineers (India), with its headquarters in Kolkata, India, is administered by a National Council with the President of IEI as its Head.

• Ever since its inception, IEI has been the forerunner in setting up national standards for promoting the country’s industrial base which culminated on the formation of the Indian Standard Institution (ISI), now called as Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). IEI, in collaboration with Springer, regularly publishes peer-reviewed international journal in five series, covering fifteen engineering disciplines.

About the Andhra Pradesh State Center :

• As far as the Andhra Pradesh State Center of IEI is concern, the then Vijayawada Local Center has been elevated to that of Andhra Pradesh State Center due to bifurcation of the combined Andhra Pradesh State and a communiqué was received to this effect from our Headquarters on 25th July, 2015. After completing all formalities, the Letter of Warrant was issued by the HQ which was handed over to the then Chairman and Hon. Secretary by the Secretary & Director General during the First Annual General Meeting held on 12th September, 2016. From then onwards, the Andhra Pradesh State Center has been functioning actively and catering to the needs of all brethren engineers through out the thirteen districts of Andhra Pradesh State. The membership strength of Andhra Pradesh State Center as on 31.03.2018 is 11,035. The Chairman and Hon. Secretary of this newly elevated State Center was Dr. M Kamaraju, FIE and Er. GV Srinivasulu, MIE respectively.

• With regard to Vijayawada Local Centre of the IEI, this centre was established in April, 1977 in a shed located in the Irrigation Offices compound. Later, with the donations raised, a small wing was constructed during 1980. Initially this centre was called as Sub-Centre, based on its membership strength. Due to increase in membership strength, this center has been elevated to that of Local Centre during 1989. When it was established the jurisdiction was Krishna, Khammam, East & West Godavari Districts. Later, due to establishment of new centers at Kakinada, Khammam & Warangal Districts, and defunct of certain centers ie., at Khammam and Nagarjuna Sagar, the jurisdiction of this centre re-arranged and presently the following districts are under the jurisdiction of this centre viz Krishna, West Godavari, Guntur and Prakasam. This Local Centre has been actively organizing its activities like Seminars, Symposia, Round Table Conferences, Workshops and related activities that are useful to the general public regularly, besides conducting AMIE Examinations to the aspiring students. With the munificent donations given by philanthropists, members and others, the center could built Seminar Halls and three guest rooms for the benefit of our brethren engineers, visiting to Vijayawada from far off places.

• The first Chairman of this centre was Er. PM Das, FIE, the then General Manager of The Andhra Cement Company Ltd, Vijayawada and the first Honorary Secretary was Er. TV Raghava Reddy, MIE, the then Superintending Engineer of Irrigation Department.

• From then onwards to till date nearly 23 Chairmen and Hon. Secretaries were hold the posts respectively. Since the entire library which consists of valuable Project Reports, Reference Books, Text Books and other important books have been donated by the then Hon’ble Minister for Irrigation & Power, Govt. of India Padmabhushan Dr. KL Rao, we named our building as Dr. KL Rao Bhavan. We had great opportunity to receive some contribution also from Dr. KL Rao for construction of our buildings. It is also a great privilege to had his lecture meeting at our premises during 1984.