Mission and Vission

Vission and Mission


To be a globally recognised institute

Mission :

To improve the standard of students

Focus Objective
  1. To offer academic flexibility by means of Choice based credit systems and the like.
  2. To identify and introduce new specializations and offer programs in emerging areas therein
  3. To incorporate into the curriculum the Application orientation and use high standards of competence for academic delivery
  4. To design and implement educational system adhering to outcome based International models.
  5. To introduce and implement innovation in teaching  and learning process to strengthen academic delivery
  1. To promote inter-disciplinary studies and create needful facilities that enhance inter-disciplinary research and innovation
  2. To create an ambience that is conducive  for undertaking sponsored research, internal funded research and offering consultancy services to wide spectrum of originations
  3. To establish Centres of excellence in frontier areas of research, and design innovation Centres with industry collaboration
  4. To create environment to innovate and incubate the products and services that addresses the societal requirements
  5. To integrate research  into all academic programs
  6. To maintain high standards in achieving research outcomes
  7. To promote International conferences / Seminars / Workshops / in collaboration with professional bodies for creation of avenues for research exchange
National development
  1. To expand the University in all its modes of delivery so as to contribute to the Nation’s increase in Gross Enrolment Ratio
  2. To align the academic programs and courses to match the requirements of the National goals
  3. To develop technology that helps sustainable socio economic development